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We attach great importance to a pleasant, respectful atmosphere for our guests. Our goal is that every person can be themselves and forget about everyday life with our melodic, hard beats. We would like to point out that any form of racism, sexism, discrimination, harassment or other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

No discrimination

In an ideal world, discrimination shouldn't matter. People should be treated equally regardless of their gender, origin, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental abilities or social background. It is a fundamental principle of human rights and an ethical value based on respect, equality and social justice to prevent discrimination. Discrimination can take various forms, be it open hostility, prejudice, stereotyping or structural disadvantage.

As a collective, we strive to create a culture of respect and inclusion where diversity is celebrated and discrimination is actively combated.

At our events, every individual is free to dress however they want.

No sexual assault

Sexual violence is a serious violation of human dignity and a crime against a person's personal integrity. It is crucial to recognize sexual violence as unacceptable and to combat it consistently. Every person has the right to physical and sexual self-determination and should be protected from any form of sexual violence. By condemning sexual violence, promoting prevention and providing support to victims, we can help create a world in which every person can live in safety and dignity. Our shared goal is to create a culture of respect, equality and freedom from sexual violence. For this reason, the possession of GHB/GBL is generally prohibited at all Dartek events.

No Violence

Violence in any form is deeply unacceptable and contradicts the fundamental values ​​of a equal and harmonious society. Violence can take various forms, be it physical, psychological, emotional or sexual violence. Regardless of the type of violence, it is a violation of human rights and the individual dignity of every person. As a society, we must actively oppose violence in all its forms and fight it consistently. It is important that we realize that violence is not a solution to conflicts or problems. Instead, we should rely on non-violent communication, dialogue and conflict resolution to reduce tensions andfind peaceful solutions. Respect, empathy and tolerance are essential values ​​to prevent violence and promote a peaceful society.

So that we can put our values into practice, we have an awareness team led by these people:

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WhatsApp Bild 2024-03-10 um 17.19.45_38510b31.jpg

Alea Vifian

Yannick Hutz

If you have experienced something bad at our events or want to speak out to someone for any other reason, please contact our Awareness Team. It is important to us that we are aware of inappropriate behavior and can act accordingly to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our guests.

we will do our best to help you !

You are also welcome to give us feedback AWARENESS CONTACT

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