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Dartek Residents



Robin under his stage name
"Zed" is an upcoming newcomer DJ and promoter from Bern.
His passion for mixing began at events organized by friends and acquaintances, where he played his very first sets.

His preferences in the genre of electronic music are dark and fast hard techno as well as underground industrial techno.

As co-founder of Dartek, he also has experience in event planning.
The world of techno has long captivated him, and he wants to use his experience to offer guests the best possible experience.



Matekk is a DJ and Producer from Bern, he is a Resident at Meister Events and also co-founder of Dartek. 


He found his love for electronic music early at the age of 14 at first with more Goa and its subgenres. Then later on at 18 he switched to Hardtechno where he also started mixing. But then he quickly found his real passion for Hardcore and Hardtrance.


From Bouncey Hard Trance to Melodic Hardcore, Frenchcore and other harder Styles. Mostly starting from 160-170 bpm up with no limit he loves to play a wide variety of genres which he also loves to combine in his sets. Prepare yourself for hard, fast kicks and energetic melodies!


Holy BitXh

HOLY BITXH is a newcomer Dj from the area Solothurn and Bern. Her heart is full of love for Hardcore, Frenchcore and Uptempo. 


In the world of HOLY BITXH, anonymity meets playfulness. Wrapped in the mystique of a Hello Kitty mask, HOLY BITXH not only conceals her identity but also adds a touch of personal flair to her enigmatic persona.


Starting with at least 180bpm her goal is to make your heart beat faster, bring a smile on your face and make your legs hurt.

Balu is a newcomer dj and a dartek resident based in bern. He found his passion for music at an early age playing a diversity of instruments and genres. He found a special place in techno where its possible to blend and shape divers sounds together and create new waves and emotions. Balu loves to play hard pounding techno but also melodic and emotional music as hardtrance. Still, the most important thing for him is to enjoy the music and not force it.





Rauber Rafael aka R4VBR is a 20-year-old newcomer from Bern. His story didn't start that long ago. He had his first contact with a DJ controller in the fall of 2023, which was huge for him because he was able to mix his favorite music (hard techno) for the first time. The electronic music scene means a lot to him, already at a young age he was fascinated by EDM but with time it became louder, faster, and more powerful. Techno gave him a sense of freedom for the first time. Now about 1.5 years later he can inspire people with his mixes. Because he likes so many genres, it was very important for him to find his own sound. Fast and hard bass mixed with melodies that get under your skin.
that's where he feels at home.

VoodooTech is a swiss based DJ and producer.


With 16 years VoodooTech came across the Hard side of Techno. After a while he was inspired by the music and started to produce them hard beats himself. When he felt comfortable with producing (2020) he started to mix together hard tracks.


His tracks and mixes take you through a journey of fast hard, melodic and groovy beats that makes de floor rumble and brings a great vibe to the dancefloor. 

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